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“Me Name Is Mickey-Joe” (The Weather Man)

Written and Produced by Richie Kavanagh.

Richie Has A Brand-New Single Release, “Me Name Is Mickey-Joe” (The Weather Man)

Despite being diagnosed, with Parkinson’s in January 2011,
he says he will keep on writing and recording songs, as long as his voice holds up.

His songs are getting millions of views on Facebook and YouTube.
Richie is growing his audience World Wide, to young and old alike.
“Chicken Talk” alone, has gotten 15 million views on Facebook.

Richie will never forget when it all started, with his very first single, “The Pothole Song”.
Which was released on a 7 Inch 45 RPM Vinyl Record In 1990.

“Is’ent that Right Johnny?”
“That’s right, That’s the truth”.


In this weeks Irelands Own there is an article about Richie, his career and battle with Parkinsons Disease. The 11th of April 2018 is World Parkinsons day and despite suffering from Parkinsons Disease since January 2011, Richie is delighted to announce he has just come out of the Roseland recording studio and will have a new single out soon entitled “Me name is Mickey Joe…… “



“Richie having the craic at the Ploughing Match”

Festive Season Carlow


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