Richie Kavanagh  “Craic, Humour and Song”

I am an Irish entertainer who writes and performs my own songs.
 Best known for the hit songs…. ”Aon Focal Eile”  ”Stay Wut Her Johnny” ”Chicken Talk” ”The Mobile Phone” and ”Mickeys Buckin Ass” .I’m always delighted to hear from you, so feel free to visit my online Shop where you can see my CDs, DVDs, all my songs’ are  available on iTunes. You can look up the Latest News, browse through my photos or visit my up-coming events page and see where you can catch me in the coming months for a night of  ‘’Craic, Humour and Song’’                                                                                                  

Is’ent that Right Johnny?
“That’s right, that’s the truth”
Stay Wut Her Lad” ”An Face Her For Mount Leinster”