Jogging Along DVD


01. Concrete Paddy

02. A Woman A Me Own

03. Paddy’s Day

04. No Drink No More

05. Drumphea On A Hill

06. Keep The Shovel Tippin’

07. Rose On Tour

08. Me Father Was A Fairy

09. Tinker An’ The Guard

10. Johnnie Barry’s Helicopter

11. Pears, Bananas An’ Chocolate

12. The Carlow 15

13. Johnnie In School

14. If I Coudl Drink 500 Pints



Richie’s immense popularity stems from his hilarious chart topping songs which portray everything we love about Ireland. No matter how much you look at them
you will always find something you missed and watch them over again.Richie’s version of our little corner of the world is so special that you feel as long as Richieis around to stop us taking ourselves too seriously, “Life can’t be too bad”.Filmed on location around the foothills of Mount Leinster, this is one DVD whichis certain to entertain all members of the family and one which you will enjoy watching again and again. “an’ that’s the truth”