Ride On A Tractor CD


  1. Declan Nerney Is Your Man
  2. Outside For A Fag
  3.  Dick On Her Mind
  4.  The Disney Gravestone
  5. Ride On A Tractor
  6. Captain Myles Keogh
  7. Be The Holy, Says Foley
  8. The Carlow Fence
  9. Pears, Bananas And Chocolates
  10. Who Did Ye Marry
  11. Ballinspittle
  12. Where Were Ya Born
  13. Jingle Jangle Ding A Ling
  14. The ABC Song


Wherever he goes, humorist, folklorist and songwriter Richie in his bright dungarees and his multi-coloured cap, is regarded as “one of our own”

This album is full of “Craic,Humour, and Song” Featuring the hilarious hit song “ride on a tractor”

“Thats the Truth”