The Borris Fair

Lyrics and Music by Richie Kavanagh


On the fifteenth day of August, a everyone is there.
They come from miles around, a ta the Borris fair.
There’s all kinds of tinkers, dalers and conmen.
And even three card tricks, a game thats hard to win.

Its there you’ll see the faces, of the friends from long ago.
Some of them have changed so much, begor you’d hardly know.
Ah when you started talking, the memories they come back.
Of great fairs now in Borris, the dalein’ and the crack.

“Stay wut herJohnny, stay wut her’’

The imigrants they come home, from far across the sea.
Ah Borris on the fifteenth, that’s the place to be.
A great day for the children, ice cream and the like.
Me daddy used to bring me on the bar of the bike.

If your looking for a jackass, a puckan or a pony.
The tinker man he has them all, if you have the money.
CD, tapes and videos an’ loads of old brick back.
Your sure to get a good dale, if you have the dealing back


About the Song,…..`The Borris Fair.

The Borris fair is held every year on August 15th, the feast of the Assumption.

Hundreds of buyers, sellers and spectators, descend on the Carlow village of Borris.

It is believed to date back to a 400-year-old charter, granted by Queen Elizabeth