The Johnny Tracey Song

Music and lyrics by Richie Kavanagh

When it comes to ploughing, Johnny Traceys no cod.
Since the age of thirteen he’s been turning the sod.
Its now fifty years since he first did compete.
He’s still turning over the sod nice and neat.

His first ploughing match, he remembers it still.
At the foot of Mount Leinster, in a place called Spa-hill. 
With a Fordson tractor and an old drag plough. 
A great combination, that ye seldom see now.


His first all Ireland, he ploughed in Tramore.
He little knew then, there be many more.
An all Ireland champion, so many times now.
 No doubt about it, he’s a great man to plough.


Eight times he has ploughed in the world championship.
Representing auld Ireland with great ploughman ship.
Five hundred matches since he ploughed Spa-hill.
A quare lotta ploughing and he’s ploughing away still.


“This is a song I Wrote about the ploughing legend

Johnny Tracey from Garryhill, Co Carlow”

(c) Richie Kavanagh