“Will Ya Have A Mug A Tae”

Music and lyrics by Richie Kavanagh

(Richie) “If you you ever go to Ireland, ya’ll always hear em say, 
Your welcome sit down an’ we’ll have a mug a tae. 
I’ve just put on the kettle, it’s all most on the boil.”

(Johnny) ‘’Oh I won’t have tae now, I’ll have it in a little while.’’

(Richie) “Ah go on now Johnny, y’all have a mug a tea.”

(Johnny) ‘’God almighty no, I’ve been drinking tae all day.’’

(Richie) “Go on now Johnny, go on, go on, go on.
Go on now Johnny,  you’ll have a mug a tae.”

First ya boil the kettle, then you wet the tae.
Let it draw a little while, me granny use ta say.
Hold the tae pot steady, when you pour it out. 
Or y’all get a great big dribble, dribbling down along the spout. 

Me Daughters in Australia, Me sons in America.
I don’t know what they’d do, if the hadn’t Barrys tae.  
Sure I work on the council an’ I likes a mug a tae.
I don’t be all that busy so it helps me pass the day.
“So if ya come to Ireland, up on a holiday. 
Y’all get a thousand welcomes an’ a great big mug a tae.
They’ll ask ya loads a questions who you are and where yer from? 
When did ya come over here, are ya staying very long? 

Go on now Johnny, go on, go on,go on.
Go on now Johnny, you’ll have a mug a tae.