20 Carlow Songs CD


1.Captain Myles Keogh   
2.The Castle At Old Ballymoon
3.John Tyndall 
4 Tommy Hogan Cinema
5. The Old Dance Hall In Garryhill
6. A horse called Danoli
7.The Borris Fair
8.The Disney Gravestone
9.The Carlow Fence
10,The Carlow  15
11.Gordon Bennett Race   
12.Art Kavanagh 
13.Face Her For Mount Leinster
14.Me An Me Grandad Walk A Cross Mt Leinster
15.Fellow Me Up To Carlow
16.Drumphea On A Hill
17.BeThe Holy Says Foley
 18.Up on Ballon Hill
19. From The Top A Mount Leinster
20. How Elvis Became A Carlow  Man


Celebrating the humor heritage and nostalgia of Co Carlow.
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