The Greatest Hits CD


1. Aon Focal Eile
2. The Mobile Phone
3. Stay Wut Her Johnny
4. Mickeys Buckin’ Ass
5. The Ballad Of Lidl And Aldi
6. The Water Meter Song
7. Chicken Talk
8. Get Out Your Focal Leabhar
9. How To Milk A Cow
10. A Ride On A Tractor
11. Paddys Day
12. A Travellin Man
13. Follow The Wren
14. Face Her For Mount Leinster
15. Up The Road
16. I Love My Juggernaut
17. Keep The Shovel Tipping
18. A Ferguson Tractor
19. The Pothole Song
20. A Teenager 1968
21. Fagans Chipper Van
22. The Gordan Bennett Race
23. Me First Marquee Dance
24. My Girlfriends Pussy Cat


Richie is an IRMA award winning singer/songwriter
Who has topped the Irish chart’s many times
His fun songs will always bring a smile to your face.
So here is a chance to have all those Hits and Anthems
together, on one album for you to enjoy again and again.